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My Drinking Problem Or The Lack There Of

Photo Credit: InImagine

Photo Credit: InImagine

According to old English Common Law, “A man’s home is his castle.” If that is true, then aside from the couch being a sort of throne, perhaps the toilet is like a side throne. In either case, a man spends some time on these two equally important thrones. In America, a man sits on his couch, drinks beer, and watches TV. And in his younger days, a man lies down on his couch, passed out from his excessive drinking. At least, that’s the stereotype. On the other hand, a man conducts all kinds of business on the comfort of his toilet seat, even reading magazines and newspapers while sitting. And in his younger days, he would vomit into the toilet from his excessive drinking. Thank God I’m not the Australian man who had to get rushed into the emergency room after sitting on a toilet that was pranked with fast-acting adhesive. No, my problem is drinking.

But not exactly the kind of drinking problem you may automatically be thinking. I am a 23-year-old male college student/graduate, but that doesn’t mean I binge drink. You see, (now this may be a bit graphic for some people), I went to urinate today and discovered that my urine wasn’t quite as clear or light-colored as it should be. Diagnosis? My drinking problem is that I don’t drink enough water. Sure, everyone knows that drinking alcohol gets you dehydrated, and therefore you need to combat that with drinking water. But for me, it’s all those Starbucks caramel machiattos, those Tapiaco Express boba milk teas, and those Arizona sweet teas that have led to the downfall of my urine. This was quite a wake-up call to me. There you have it. I am not ashamed of my drinking problem, and chances are you aren’t too, because you may be suffering just like I am, being dehydrated and not know it! As a result, I’ve decided to be an amateur advocate promoting the healthy drinking of water. According to nutrition experts, “a good estimate is to take your body weight in pounds and divide that number in half. That gives you the number of ounces of water per day that you need to drink.” In my case (and I’m a little sensitive about revealing this to you), I currently weigh 195 pounds (yes, I’m working on losing 30 pounds). That means that I should be drinking 97.5 ounces of water daily.

You may wonder why I am promoting the “healthy drinking of water.” You may think that it’s redundant, that water is healthy for us anyway because it flushes out all the filthy stuff in our bodies and refuel our cells and giving us some energy. That’s all true, but drinking too much water too quickly is also bad for you–it can even kill you. You can have “water intoxication,” just like the tragic story of 28-year-old Jennifer Strange. A local radio station contest held the “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” contest in 2008 when the Wii just came out. Strange drank  some six liters of water in three hours for the contest and was found dead in her home. Another incident involved a 21-year-old male student from California State University, Chico back in 2005. According to the Scientific American, he  died after being “forced to drink excessive amounts of water between rounds of push-ups in a cold basement” during a fraternity hazing gone wrong. As tragic as their stories were, it educated me about the dangers of excessive water-drinking, especially because our health-conscious  culture tells us to drink plenty of water. Now we know how much is “healthy.”

I know I’m a strange person for even examining my urine. But I’m a curious college student. And this curiosity led to a scientific exploration of my dehydration. Now, I hope you too will drink more water instead of all that other junk. And I hope you will drink water responsibly too!

For now, I’m trying to control my Starbucks addiction. In the mean time (and this is bad timing), Jamba Juice has a special promotion until September 27, 2009. If you buy one smoothie, you can get one 16oz. smoothie for a buck if you print out the coupon.

Photo Credit: InImagine


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Starbucks and Alcohol, Quite a Concoction

Photo Credit: DelawareOnline

Photo Credit: DelawareOnline

I love Starbucks, almost as much as I love my parents. Heck, I’m a walking free advertising for Starbucks. Sometimes, I find myself preaching about the coffee trinity: chai frappuccinos, mocha lattes, and caramel machiatos. And for students like me, Starbucks is our second home. It’s where we go to get high on caffeine, the much needed “drug-of-choice” to stay awake and study. Even the atmosphere of the coffee store, the “chillaxin” factor, the soft music, and the company of friends who are in the same fate to study speaks to college students alike. And now, Starbucks is venturing into something no other mainstream coffee store has ever gone before: ALCOHOL! Yes, that’s right, according to the Associated Press, alcohol may be the remedy. Due to the failing economy and the fact that many Starbucks stores have closed shop nation-wide, and that lower-priced coffee stores like McDonalds is taking a lot of their sales, the people of Starbucks (God, I love them) want to market to a bigger crowd. Okay, I’m guilty of not being loyal to Starbucks. You can find me occassionally at McDonalds, sipping a McCafe. But I’m not the only one, and there’s many other Starbucks lovers out there who have gone to McDonalds doing just that. Sometimes, we can’t afford the $4.30 for those delicious frapes, so we settle for the McCafe, which is half the price. Economy and business is so interesting when you live it out!

Starbucks is currently testing this out in one of their Seattle stores, changing the name to “15th Avenue Coffee and Tea inspired by Starbucks.” They will continue with testing by opening two other stores in the Seattle area. If it’s a success, Starbucks will copy this pattern nation-wide, meaning they will serve alcohol in all their stores.

Are you hoping it’s a success? Will drunk people plague Starbucks? Will they be selling alcohol during the day? At $4 to $7 a glass, is the quality going to be just as good as its alcohol competitors? I wonder if Starbucks will have its own brewery company. And if so, will Starbucks be known as a coffee store that sells beer, or a bar that sells coffee?

Photo Credit: Delaware Online


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