One of my philosophies in life is quite simple: “Don’t kill people. Love them to death.” The following  groups and organizations have specific causes that I hold dear. Each are dedicated to love by helping others and improving humanity. As cliche as it may sound, I believe they’re making a difference. Take your time and check out what they are about. Click on their logo to go to their website to learn more. If there are any causes you think I should get involved in, let me know.


FREEDOM AND FASHION: Despite being in the 21st century, slavery has not disappeared. Instead, they’ve taken on new forms of exploitation. Women and children are being sold in the sex trade and trafficked all around the world.


From their own website, this organization organization has three specific goals in mind:

  1. Advocacy: Bringing public awareness of the various injustices in the world today.
  2. Promotion: Providing a market platform for Non-Profit Organizations/Companies selling merchandise created through ethical and fair trade means.
  3. Love: To show what we believe to be God’s love by reconciling the existing perversion of injustice and oppression in the supply chain through several channels: educating our community, providing alternative purchasing means, and calling individuals to participate in the solution.


INVISIBLE CHILDREN: In 2003, three American filmmakers traveled to Africa to document a story. What they discovered there, disturbed them. The civil war in Uganda was not only atrocious, but the Lord’s Resistance Army, a guerrilla army which the U.S. Department of State calls a terrorist organization, have abducted children from their homes to be used as child soldiers.  The tragedy lies in the children, who are not only victims, but used as weapons. The organization informs the public of the misfortune of these children and has included US political advocacy campaigns to help end the civil war which is tearing apart the children’s lives as much as it is tearing apart the country of Uganda..


TOMS SHOES: Millions of children in Third World countries do not own a pair of shoes. They thread through mud, rocks, and even glass. Inspired by a vacation trip to Argentina in January 2006, founder Blake Mycoskie (once a contestant on “The Amazing Race”) developed the concept for the shoe company after witnessing that children without shoes were more likely to get diseases such as Podoconiosis. They were also turned away from school, and thus could not pursue an education.

Mycoskie named the shoes, “TOMS” for being the shoes of tomorrow. For every pair of Toms you purchase, another pair will be given to a child in need, thus creating a better tomorrow. You can also volunteer to participate in their Shoe Drops Tours, where you and others travel the world to hand deliver shoes. The design of the shoe is patterned after the Argentinian alpargata shoe. I own three pairs and they are the most comfortable shoes you can ever own. If you’re an artist, many people buy ones in white and paint all over their shoes.


TWLOHA: All across America, people are struggling  with depression, drug addiction, self-injury, and suicide. This organization was established to  help those who struggle, letting them that they are not alone and that people really do care. Most of the work tries to connect traditional treatment with the actual lives of the people who need the help by encouraging them to be honest about their issues and to seek help.


Apples & Band-Aids (A&B) is a clothing company that wants to do more than just make a profit; it wants to make a difference. In a consumer-saturated society A&B seeks to reach past traditional borders and boundaries and change the world through providing resources to a hurting and hungry global community. A&B exists to raise resources for communities in need around the world by providing food, medical supplies, education, and training to create sustainable communities. We desire to give people a practical outlet and an opportunity to reach out past their immediate surroundings. When you support Apples and Band-Aids you aren’t just buying a shirt, you are changing a life.”


6 responses to “Causes

  1. I love your “causes” and can’t wait to start actively supporting them. I will spread the word about them on my blog.
    every little bit can make a difference.

    • Gio

      Thanks for looking at my “Causes” section. Spread the word! And I humbly ask if you can click on my Social Vibe widget on my home page. For each click from a different computer, Sprint will donate to “Invisible Children.”

      Oh, and if you live around the Los Angeles area, you should check out the fashion show that my non-profit organization is putting on November 19th at UCLA. The fashion show will educate people about the horrors of human trafficking and will raise money to try to end it.

  2. Rachel Diane

    I love that you have a causes page. That’s a great idea.
    Have you ever heard of the Love Alliance? You might want to check them out.

  3. Hi Gio.
    Stumbled across your blog ’cause I’m looking to set up one of my own but have no idea, and through research I was doing I saw your blog. Anyway, reading through it briefly, I liked the fact that you have a cause page and it’s plain to see that you have a heart of compassion. Look man, I’m just a bad ass truck driver (hence the terrible spelling,) who the Lord God Almighty called to do a certain task. When I finally accepted the call, I gave up everything I had. You can read about it on the website and although it is not complete, you’ll get the idea.
    Great blog Gio.

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