Missing: Nancy Salas

Glendale Police are looking for missing UCLA student, Nancy Salas. I don’t think I knew her personally, but apparently, I’ve been in school clubs wit her when I was at UCLA. I pray for her safe return and for God to strengthen her family during this time.

Anyone with information can call the Glendale Police Department at 818-548-4911



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6 responses to “Missing: Nancy Salas

  1. Albert Leiva

    When was the last time you were in a club with her? do u have an exact date?

    • Gio

      I graduated UCLA last year. So last year–she attended both Intervarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship and Campus Crusades for Christ, although she was more involved in Destino (a branch of CCC).

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  4. Rachel

    She was found today at in Central Valley, city of Merced. When I was making my way to school, I saw a bunch of those flyers featured above at a bus stop and around my school as well.

    I knew something fishy was going on and I was doubting her disappearance the whole day while I was in school until I saw in the news and read online that her disappearance was a cover up because she was supposed to be graduating from UCLA where she had become a drop out almost two years ago.

  5. Rachel

    I forgot to mention that I go to school at the city of Glendale and attend the community college. That is where I saw those flyers.

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