Break to Dance

I’ll be taking a break for a couple days to participate this Saturday in UCLA’s Dance Marathon, a fundraiser to fight against pediatric AIDS. I can’t wait to be amongst fellow Bruins! The months of getting in shape to dance for 26 hours has finally arrived and I’m excited! My favorite part of the night consists of all the costume changes every three hours–costumes that you voted for. Essentially, I get to play different identities.

You can follow my adventures on Twitter and see pictures on this blog, although they’ll mainly be posted on my personal blog. You won’t want to all the dancers’ costumes–they can be very creative.

I’ll also be watching movies and writing reviews for “Percy Jackson and the Olmpians”  and “Valentine’s Day.” I’m excited for this fun-filled jam-packed weekend.

The Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and President’s Day are all within days of each other.

In the words of the famous philosopher, Lady Gaga, “Just dance!” So come on, and join the dance.


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