She’s the Beauty, and I’m…Okay, I’m the Beast

My girlfriend, Nicole, is gorgeous! Okay, maybe all boyfriends say that of their girlfriends. But what first attracted me to Nicole was her voice. When I hear her sing, a voice of an angel leaves those red lips and my heart skips a beat. At times, I have to pinch myself–maybe I’ve died and gone to heaven? Maybe I’m dreaming. Maybe. But when I look into her brown eyes, I can’t help but feel at peace. My worries and all the stresses of life seem to not matter, as if they’ve evaporated whenever I meet her gaze. Nicole has long brown hair with a tint of red and her hair drops down just below her shoulders. When the sun shines on it, it only enhances her bright smile. Yes, she’s the sunshine that brightens up my day. Nicole is gorgeous! She’s the Beauty, and standing next to her…I’m…okay, I’m the Beast. That’s fine by me.

I just have one problem. Okay, maybe several come to think of it.  First, she hasn’t met me yet. Perhaps, she doesn’t even know I exist. Which leads me to the cold hard truth: she’s not really my girlfriend–I just wish she was. A guy can dream, right? But before you go on thinking she’s some imaginary beauty–she’s not. Nicole is really Britt Nicole, the singer. And I’d like to imagine that I would meet someone like her. Maybe even marry her. Yah, maybe some day.

As more of my friends are getting married at a young age, I can’t help but think of my own prospects. Am I setting my standards to high? Should I settle? Maybe I’m just too darn picky. And as much as I’d like to think that I’m not shallow, I admit that a woman’s beauty reels me in. Yet beauty can be a deception. I’ve met many beautiful girls who turned out to be…how do I put this nicely? Um, some beautiful girls turn out to be the Wicked Witch of the West–deep down they’re horrible. Beauty gets me in, but it’s her personality, her love for others, and her willingness to put others before herself–that’s what would keep me there.

So as I was reading up on one of my favorite blogs, Bakadesuyo (a blog that contains snippets from various research journals that the author of the site found interesting), I came across an entertaining entry. In a way, it’s a “tip” for marriage, but really, it’s a study on the role of physical attractiveness on marriage:

Physical appearance plays a crucial role in shaping new relationships, but does it continue to affect established relationships, such as marriage? In the current study, the authors examined how observer ratings of each spouse’s facial attractiveness and the difference between those ratings were associated with (a) observations of social support behavior and (b) reports of marital satisfaction. In contrast to the robust and almost universally positive effects of levels of attractiveness on new relationships, the only association between levels of attractiveness and the outcomes of these marriages was that attractive husbands were less satisfied. Further, in contrast to the importance of matched attractiveness to new relationships, similarity in attractiveness was unrelated to spouses’ satisfaction and behavior. Instead, the relative difference between partners’ levels of attractiveness appeared to be most important in predicting marital behavior, such that both spouses behaved more positively in relationships in which wives were more attractive than their husbands, but they behaved more negatively in relationships in which husbands were more attractive than their wives. These results highlight the importance of dyadic examinations of the effects of spouses’ qualities on their marriages. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA, all rights reserved

It makes sense to me. If the guy is the beauty in the relationship, the girl would feel insecure with her beauty. But if the girl is the beauty, it’s a win-win situation for the guy and the girl.

Anyway, I may not have Brad Pitt’s smile or Taylor Lautner’s body or whatever it is and whoever it is that girls find attractive nowadays. According to the article, that may be a good thing. Now, the real challenge is finding a woman who would settle for this Beast.

However, I do think I look way better than Jack Black. Okay…back to working out.



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10 responses to “She’s the Beauty, and I’m…Okay, I’m the Beast

  1. what is it with you and brunettes??? lol

    • Gio

      Why? What’s wrong with brunettes?

      Maybe I’m afraid of blondes. As the saying goes, “blondes have more fun.” Too much fun can be a bad thing–it can bite me back. LOL.

      Maybe it’s because most of my female friends are brunettes.

      I love all kinds of women–as long as they have a great personality and a good heart.

  2. dthanja

    …if I were going to suggest anything after reading this wonderfully written post, it would be to not sell yourself short, my friend. If you know that this woman makes you feel the way you’d like to feel with a woman, I say hold on to that feeling and dare to keep your standard right where it is. Don’t imagine you “might be worth an extraordinary woman”, know that you are…breath like you are, let your body language proclaim that you are. When your energy on a daily basis proclaims what is happening in your head, you can’t help but draw to yourself that which you believe! If there could be even the slightest glimmer of truth to our thoughts manifesting our reality…. then be vigilant of how you think of yourself and what you truly want to show up in your life!

  3. Great title for a post! I’ll have to come back to it and read it AFTER work but definitely an eye catcher. Keep up the great work and congrats on the high visitor count! As a blogger, you find out your ego…ok my ego, is firmly tied with how many people check out the site on a daily basis.

  4. You really had me at first few lines….every girl dreams that her guy will say something like this about her…completely awed!
    I know how weird it feels when everyone around you is gettin hitched…am I too late or are they too early!?! 😀
    As for the beauty part…well I dunno. Different people define it differently. At the end of the day, whatever keeps YOU happy. 🙂
    Nice post, keep em comin!

    • Gio

      Thanks for the support. Beauty is definitely different in how a person defines it. Haha, unless you have more of the scientific definition of beauty–as in the more symmetrical a person’s face is.

  5. I have to say that that’s a theory that I can fully support because my wife is definitely the beauty in this pairing. I am assymetrical in every way while she’s completely the opposite. I greet each day in wonderment that she chose me over so many more suitable suitors! Great article, my good chum! 🙂

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