Film Fridays: “The Edge of Darkness”

I like Mel Gibson and his roles that made him famous (“Mad Max” series, “Lethal Weapon” series, “Braveheart,” “Forever Young”). Though one of the last movies he acted in was 2oo2’s “Signs” directed by M. Night Shyamalan, he kept himself busy as producer and screenwriter, creating successful movies as 2004’s “The Passion of the Christ” and 2006’s “Apocalypto.” When he wasn’t busy with movies, he was busy being in the public eye over alcohol abuse and allegations of anti-Semitism. Well, it seems the public forgive him as he stars in this new movie based from a 1985 BBC series of the same name.

What I Expected

Based on the trailer, I expected lots of action. And of course, because it’s Mel Gibson, I also expected some blood and guts being spilled at some point in the movie.

What It’s About

Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) is a homicide detective for the Boston Police Department whose daughter is shot down in front of his home. As he tracks down his daughter’s killer he uncovers a larger conspiracy.

You’ll Like

Mel Gibson – I think it’s him at his best. He pulls off the Bostonian accent. And just my luck, this week, I’ve been longing to see Boston and hearing the famous Bostonian accents. I miss Boston; just not the winters. And my, Gibson is old–I see all the wrinkles of a worried father on his face. When he puts on the trench coat and goes interviewing suspects, I can’t help but think of “Columbo.”

Ray Winestone – His character is mysterious, although you can’t help but feel sympathetic for him because you’re unsure whether he is good or evil.

Action sequences – I think it goes to show that even older gentlemen can fight. Oh, and there’s definitely a lot of violence in this movie.

You’ll Dislike

The plot – Okay, we all know that the daughter is dead–it was in the trailer so I haven’t spoiled anything–but in some ways, it reminded me a lot of “Taken.” The grief-stricken dad has nothing to lose so he’s going to go all badass on you. I understand that it’s what a dad is going to do to save his daughter, or in this case to uncover the truth about his daughter. However, the whole conspiracy thing–it’s just been done before. I don’t want to reveal what the conspiracy is, but think about the time period that the original (the tv series) was set in and you’ll have your answer.

The confusion – I was somewhat confused as to who was good and who was bad and at which point of the movie. Maybe conspiracies just confuse me.


I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 5. Go watch the movie if you like action, mystery, and conspiracy movies. Don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach.



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3 responses to “Film Fridays: “The Edge of Darkness”

  1. Columbo huh, – Peter Falk never fired his weapon, never fought , and never was without that rumpled raincoat.

    Gibson as Craven shoots, fights, and changes his clothes often.

    Still it was nice to think of Columbo – thanks for that.

    Like you I found it enjoyable, and you’re right about one thing. It is muddled to a degree. Was Jedburgh employed by the Northmoor Corporation, the Senator, or that anonymous security chief.

    If you like you can check out my review here:

    Thanks for the good read.

    • Gio

      I know Columbo never fired a gun. It was just that one scene with Gibson in the trench coat when he was investigating–I started flashing back to Columbo for some reason. But I bet if Gibson did his say and did Columbo, you’ll be seeing Columbo in many action sequences and shooting bad guys left and right. Maybe it’s just me, but I just think Gibson seems to enjoy blood.

      Anyway, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused about Jedburgh.

  2. yeah..thats tru he never used anything he have such as gun…for me he is a coward guy.

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