Theme Thursdays: “Discover the Frontier”

Photo Credit: Highlight Kids

Just a refresher: UCLA Dance Marathon is a 26-hour dance philanthropy that will benefit kids with or affected by AIDS. It will be held on February 13th at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom. There is only one rule: I am not allowed to sit–I must be on my feet for the full 26 hours.  There will also be costume changes every 3 hours and is based off a theme. I need your help to choose a costume so please VOTE! And keep in mind I’d actually like to build the costume–do-it-your-self costumes are a whole more fun.

An update: I’ve reached my goal of raising $208. In fact, I’ve currently raised $242 because of your help. Let’s try to make it an even $300.

Click Here to Donate to the Fight Against AIDS

This week’s theme is “Discover the Frontier.” I’m guessing this is another way of saying “Wild Wild West.” Any ideas of what I could do with this theme rather than the obvious cowboy costume? Or maybe I should just be a cowboy?

Currently getting my country on with Gloriana’s “Wild at Heart.” Check them out!


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