New Year, New Identities

It’s the 3rd day in 2010. I want to wish you a happy new year! My friend Aaron (follow him @AaronisThinking) made an interesting observation: the next time the last two digits of a year will be half of the first two digits is in 201 years (simply, year 2010+ 201 years=the year 2211). So, it’s a great year to be alive. I believe great things will happen this year. And for all those that celebrate the Chinese New Year, it will be the Year of the Tiger. And that means I’ll be turning 24 this year. After all, there are 12 characters in the Chinese zodiac, and your character shows up in increments of 12 years. Makes sense. So this is my year, guys and dolls.

I am excited, and over the last three weeks, I’ve planned on what we’ll be doing this year after careful self-reflection. How can I improve the blog? How are we going to have fun tickling our minds with ideas? And then it donned on me to do something that is only fitting to the name of this blog. This year, we’re going to scratch the surface and explore a series of identities that we take on. How is that different from what we’re already doing? Well, it will be more consistent because this time around, we’ll actively feature the identities. In a way, we’ll be profiling these identities together.

So get ready for this year. Get ready to explore.


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