Theme Thursdays: “Discover Outer Space”

Storm Trooper. Photo credit: Halloween Costumes

Just a refresher: UCLA Dance Marathon is a 26-hour dance philanthropy that will benefit kids with or affected by AIDS. It will be held on February 13th at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom. There is only one rule: I am not allowed to sit–I must be on my feet for the full 26 hours.  There will also be costume changes every 3 hours and is based off a theme. I need your help to choose a costume so please VOTE! And keep in mind I’d actually like to build the costume–do-it-your-self costumes are a whole more fun.

You can also help by donating.
Click Here to Donate for the Fight Against AIDS

Star Trek. Photo credit: All Fancy Dress

By the way, I’m still about $70 short of meeting my goal. Please help me out by donating $1 or more.

This week’s theme is “Discover Outer Space.” Hmm…this is difficult. I’m at a loss with this because there’s so much I could do with it.  I could dress as an astronaut, an alien, a storm trooper, or a Star Trek commander. I could even do something more abstract like being a star or an asteroid or a planet. Any suggestions? Decisions, decisions…

I am currently dancing to “Please Don’t Stop” by Blake Lewis. What are you dancing to?


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  1. V.E.G.

    The dancing marathon on February 13 is almost one day away from the anniversary of Lithuania (mentioning). Do not forget, the marathon dancer, Mary Promitis, a woman from Lithuania!

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