Theme Thursdays: “Discover the Dinosaurs”

Go go Power Rangers! Photo Credit: Halloween Costumes

One of the fun things about the UCLA Dance Marathon (DM), which will be held on February 13th is all the costume changes every 3 hours. After all, if I’m going to be dancing for 26 hours, I’ll also going to be sweating for 26 hours. This is where you come in to help me out. Don’t worry, it’ll be no sweat.

Each Thursday, I’ll be announcing a theme from DM. I need your help to choose a costume that I will wear during those 3 hours. All you have to do is vote and/or suggest a costume. And maybe help me figure out how to make it, as do-it-yourself costumes are a lot more fun than store-bought ones.

This week’s theme is “Discover the Dinosaurs.” I’m sure the good folks of DM who chose this theme was watching Jurassic Park or something. So what should I wear?

I could be a dinosaur. Or a paleontologist. Or, I could think outside the box a bit and become what I’ve always wanted: a Power Ranger. If you choose “other,” suggest something else.

UPDATE: I have raised $155. Thanks to those who donated. It’s not too late to donate. Please help out.
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8 responses to “Theme Thursdays: “Discover the Dinosaurs”

  1. I voted paleontologist. but I specifically vote for Ross from Friends.

  2. Tim

    Go as a stick of deodorant. You might be a bit smelly.

  3. Tim

    Nothing. Just a suggestion.

  4. hey gio,
    is it ok that i upload pics from some other sites for my blog and give credit to them in the for my recent post on das boot movie i downloaded the pics from imdb..i am not sure whether i am allowed to do that or not..please help !

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