Freedom and Fashion and everything in between

It’s been about three weeks since my last real post. Busy body. It’s been about four days since I got to see all my hours of hard work come in fruition in the form of the Freedom and Fashion show. Post busy body. However, I’ve got to say that the fashion show against human and sex trafficking and the exploitation of women, as well as other important social justice causes–the fashion show was a huge success. I think we got the message across to people in a clear, yet creative way.

One of my friends wondered why we use fashion as the medium because the fashion industry tends to exploit women. Women are told to dress a certain way, to be a certain image, to be a certain size–isn’t it ironic? Well, dear friend, isn’t that the point? We want to reclaim the fashion industry, to bring into light the injustices it has done to women, and more importantly, to change the way we perceive fashion. Think of it–fashion CAN be fair-trade, and it CAN go to a good cause, and it CAN still be fashionable. Social justice is in, and apathy is out. When we forget that–perhaps that’s when we forget our identities as compassionate human beings.

UCLA’s Ackerman Grand Ballroom was packed. Every seat was filled, and after walking the VIPs and donors to their seats, I had to stand back a bit, look at the catwalk, and stood amazed that the day had finally come. Once everyone got to their seats, the hosts introduced rapper Jason Medeiros, where he performed two songs. One of the songs, “Constance,” is based on the true story of a Filipina girl who was sold into the sex trade industry. Then, the fashion show started. As soon as the song started playing, my heart skipped a bit. This is it! This is it! I remember thinking to myself. To make a long story short, I’ll let the pictures and video speak for itself. The pictures were taken by my friend, Kenny Gulley, during dress rehearsal (although it’s not everything featured on the actual fashion show) while the footage of the fashion show was taken by Freedom and Fashion crew and is streamed on Livestream.

If you are interested about social justice issues, check out Freedom and Fashion.

Check out some of the clothes featured on the fashion show (or at least on the photos below), by such clothing lines as Definicion Clothing, LiNk (Liberty in North Korea), Lalesso, Tagbag.

Lalesso Clothing

Lalesso Clothing

Lalesso Clothing

Lalesso Clothing

LiNK Clothing

LiNk Clothing

Freedom and Fashion Line

Definicion Clothing



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6 responses to “Freedom and Fashion and everything in between

  1. nice post giovanny! i really like your blog ! you can find a link to your blog on mine!! ( i have started blogging a few days ago and currently spending time figuring things out on wordpress..anyways keep revealing ! Hope to hear from you soon… take care…rahul

  2. hey! where can i see more photos?

  3. Sean

    Oh thank goodness those suspenders are in style. We in Philly can go back to guessing “boxers or briefs”. Remember those days?

    • Gio

      Suspenders have been I’m for quite awhile now. Actually, skinny suspenders.

      I’m a fan of boxer briefs–they’re the best of both worlds.

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