Clothe One Movement – Helping to Stop Child Prostitution

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about fashion and causes. My friend told me about a great clothing company. I’ll let him tell you:

Hello everyone,

I want to tell you about this clothing company called Aklesia. Right now they are doing this promotion called “Clothe One Movement”, and if you buy a “clothe one” shirt, they will donate a school uniform to The Sold Project <> which is an awesome organization that helps stop child prostitution by keeping children in Thailand in school. Their model and strategy for stopping child prostitution is amazing and effective. If you want to find out more, go to Aklesia’s blog website at and read the article on the Sold Project.

Whether you buy a shirt or not is your own prerogative, although I do recommend that you either buy one for yourself or gift one to help the cause (especially with the Holiday’s around the corner). But at the very least, get the word out to all your friends.

Here’s how you can help:

#1. Check out the post at, then click on the Clothe One site and VOTE ON A DESIGN. It should take a minute and there are only 2 DAYS LEFT for voting.

#2. Post up the site URL on your Facebook Status and/or Twitter.

#3. Join the Facebook group at and follow Aklesia on twitter at*

The voting is ABSOLUTELY important because it helps Aklesia pick the BEST design to use for their clothe one promotion. That means that as many children as possible in Thailand can get the school uniforms that they need to stay in school.

This is a very tangible way you can help stop child prostitution.

Thank you in advance,

Myles Hamby


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