A Not-So Taylor Swift Fire; I Can’t “Breathe”

It’s hot. Dreadfully hot. A little hotter than usual in sunny Southern California. You could fry an egg on a sidewalk if you want. I don’t suggest it, but you could. At least I don’t live in Phoenix, Arizona where it’s hot pretty much every day and where the air conditioning business and pool services are thriving. No, I’ll settle for Los Angeles. However, LA isn’t really the place to be right now. If you didn’t know it yet, Los Angeles is burning!

Sure, it’s scorching hot, and in some places it’s just plain dry. But when I say burning, I’m talking about all those wild fires that have been destroying wild life, people’s homes, and my lungs. I live many miles away (several cities away) from the closest fire, yet when I step right outside, I smell ash. Portions of the sky is black, as if LA had some massive volcano explode Pompeii style. The air quality sucks. My lungs are probably black right now. (Sigh) I rather stay inside, enjoy the air conditioning, and watch TV because I can’t breathe!

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

But I can’t help it. I’m kind of an outdoors-man when I want to be. I want to go outside and pull a Julie Andrews, running on a hill with my arms wide open and singing, “The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music.” But alas, all I will be singing is that the hills are alive with fire. So God, if you want to step in right now, you could let it rain. I’m sure it’ll help all those fire fighters return back to their families early. Two firefighters apparently died today.

Darn, I wish I was in the East Coast right about now, hanging out with some of my friends in New York and New Hampshire. But as I stayed inside my home, listening to my iPod, I came across one of Taylor Swift’s songs. She’s so young and beautiful, and quite a talented musician/singer/songwriter. But I think one of her songs is quite fitting for such a time as this. Because us Angelenos need to “Breathe.”

Now, I may look like I’m a fighter, but really, I’m a lover. And I’m quite comfortable with my masculinity to say that I actually belt out for “Romeo [to] take me somewhere we can be alone” and that “he’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar.” I don’t know. Call me a romantic at heart. Call me sensitive. Whatever. But Taylor Swift is worth it. And she’s been on the news a lot this summer. I just don’t see her taking the Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan route. She’s a classy girl, and she’s got enough of style and talent to host the Grammy’s. She’s even got a sense of humor, rapping with T-Pain as the notorious T-Swizzle with “Thug Story.”

Photo Credit: Ask Men UK

Photo Credit: Ask Men UK

Oh Taylor! Now, if you ladies were looking for a different Taylor, wellyou can go here and leave me alone.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Askmen UK


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One response to “A Not-So Taylor Swift Fire; I Can’t “Breathe”

  1. Not a big taylor swift fan. But nice song nonetheless

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