Yes, I’m Insured. But Not By Survival. I’ll Survive.

Back in the 1990s, those annoying commercials by Survival Insurances plagued television. You know what I’m talking about, those cheesy lines that start off something like this:

Survival Insurance Man: Are you insured?

Person: Yeah.

Surviva Insurance Man: By Survival?

Person: No.

Survival Insurance Man: Then I can’t take that ride.

But as annoying as that man can be, he is saying an important thing we all need in this society: INSURANCE! Whether it’s auto insurance or health insurance, we all need it. No one wants to pay a $10,000 hospital bill when they could’ve just paid $30 a month on insurance. And insurance is a hot topic these days, so hot that President Obama wants us to all receive insurance. I haven’t quite followed this debate, so I may probably be wrong, but I believe he wants something like universal health care. Isn’t that a socialist idea? But apparently, most of the world has universal health care, at least according to and Michael More’s “Sicko.”

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

So should America follow suit? We’re a first world and westernized country aren’t we? Now, I’m not sure where I stand on this. My belief has always been that we have a right to live and receive medical treatment, regardless if we can pay for it or not. It’s not about politics, it’s about the principle of living and compassion.

Anyway, this whole thing started after I read an article on how Cristiano Ronaldo insured his thighs and calves for $144 million. I mean this isn’t unheard of. Surgeons insure their hands for some insane amount all the time. It’s understandable–it’s their line of work. And for Ronaldo, his thighs and calves allow him to do his job. And my, what buff leg muscles he has. They are legs of steel.

Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

Now if only I can find something on my body to insure–something important enough to the world. My passionate and compassionate heart? I can only dream. But for now, all these insurance companies are making loads of money.


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