Starbucks and Alcohol, Quite a Concoction

Photo Credit: DelawareOnline

Photo Credit: DelawareOnline

I love Starbucks, almost as much as I love my parents. Heck, I’m a walking free advertising for Starbucks. Sometimes, I find myself preaching about the coffee trinity: chai¬†frappuccinos, mocha lattes, and caramel machiatos. And for students like me, Starbucks is our second home. It’s where we go to get high on caffeine, the much needed “drug-of-choice” to stay awake and study. Even the atmosphere of the coffee store, the “chillaxin” factor, the soft music, and the company of friends who are in the same fate to study speaks to college students alike. And now, Starbucks is venturing into something no other mainstream coffee store has ever gone before: ALCOHOL! Yes, that’s right, according to the Associated Press, alcohol may be the remedy. Due to the failing economy and the fact that many Starbucks stores have closed shop nation-wide, and that lower-priced coffee stores like McDonalds is taking a lot of their sales, the people of Starbucks (God, I love them) want to market to a bigger crowd. Okay, I’m guilty of not being loyal to Starbucks. You can find me occassionally at McDonalds, sipping a McCafe. But I’m not the only one, and there’s many other Starbucks lovers out there who have gone to McDonalds doing just that. Sometimes, we can’t afford the $4.30 for those delicious frapes, so we settle for the McCafe, which is half the price. Economy and business is so interesting when you live it out!

Starbucks is currently testing this out in one of their Seattle stores, changing the name to “15th Avenue Coffee and Tea inspired by Starbucks.” They will continue with testing by opening two other stores in the Seattle area. If it’s a success, Starbucks will copy this pattern nation-wide, meaning they will serve alcohol in all their stores.

Are you hoping it’s a success? Will drunk people plague Starbucks? Will they be selling alcohol during the day? At $4 to $7 a glass, is the quality going to be just as good as its alcohol competitors? I wonder if Starbucks will have its own brewery company. And if so, will Starbucks be known as a coffee store that sells beer, or a bar that sells coffee?

Photo Credit: Delaware Online



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6 responses to “Starbucks and Alcohol, Quite a Concoction

  1. I’m not sure what to make of this… I’m not entirely opposed to it, but I can see how this could be quite a deterrent to the Starbucks faithful. Also, I find most people don’t know how to enjoy their alcohol RESPONSIBLY and SENSIBLY! And it’s the irresponsible and the senseless that will change the face of Starbucks, should they decide to go in this direction.

  2. I think that alcohol in starbucks completely removes the spirit behind the concept of the cornershop noir that personifies Starbucks in the first place.

    • Gio

      I totally agree. But we’ll see if the idea takes off. At this moment, Starbucks still has Naked juice and Starbucks-brand yogurt and sandwiches.

      And thanks for your post on wine–definitely educated me and inspired me to go wine-tasting myself.

  3. I personally think it’s heading in a bad direction for Starbucks. I think there’s other ways to make money with coffee other than with alcohol, especially when competitor Java City is doing expresso sliders, which you get two shots of expresso for two bucks, and it’s just as good of quality. (The sliders are basically mini lattes)

  4. eitherway, i still think that Starbucks is addicting ~ ‚ô•

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