Dating in the Dark

The premise of ABC’s newest show, Dating in the Dark, is simply that.  There’s no surprises there, no one gets kicked off or eliminated, and no one wins cash prizes. It’s just three single men and three single women who spend a week in a house at opposite ends, dating in pitch dark.  Who came up with such an intelligent idea? I wish I thought of it and had gotten paid for it. It is interesting, especially when we are a voyeuristic society.

The cosmetic and fashion industries are all multi-billion dollar industries. We spend countless hours getting ready for a date, choosing what we wear, what impression we want to make, and so forth. This show removes all that pressure. All you can rely on for the most part are the conversations you make in the dark. However, the reality show doesn’t completely remove looks. After all, in the dark, you can still touch the other person, learn their height, and so forth. But still, it’s an interesting idea. And the mini games they do to get to know who they’re dating, such as smelling the other person’s shirt or describing to a skilled sketch artist what they think the other person looks like–it’s all pretty entertaining. Heck, dare I say it, it’s a refreshing idea.


Photo Credit: Buddy TV

However, hearing the people on the show descibe their experiences on the date reveals that looks do matter. Many of them say things like, “Oh God, I hope she’s hot” or “I hope I didn’t kiss Shrek.” But it just goes to show us how much we rely on looks. We judge people all the time, judging how much money we think another person makes, or how lazy they are, and so forth. So when all the lights are off, and you can’t rely on your vision to tell you who the person is, what can you rely on? How do you adjust? Will the content of your conversations especially matter? I personally believe that physical attraction is important and what allows you to gravitate towards the person, but it’s personality that either sticks or repels the person.

At the end of every show, the people have the choice of staying with the person they dated, or leaving the house. It can either go beautifully when the other person also chooses you or be a nightmare when the other person rejects you when you choose them. I found myself cheering for the ones waiting to see if the other chose them. And when they got rejected, I felt entirely sorry for them. I think I’m going to like this show. I can’t wait to see what’s next, and how the next group will behave.

So, do looks matter to you? What does this reveal of our identites?

Photo Credit: Buddy TV


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