Kidnapped Soldier and the Evil Taliban

I hate hearing news reports about Iraq and Afghanistan. It breaks my heart to hear of both the pain and suffering of innocent people, as well as the soldiers that protect us. About two weeks ago, there were reports that an American soldier was kidnapped by the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan. The military has exhausted all available efforts in locating the soldier’s whereabouts.

Afghan Soldier Captured

Photo Credit: China Daily News

Just recently, a video was released on a website by the Taliban. In the video, the soldier states his name and other information. The date of the video is supposedly July 14th.

The war efforts in Afghanistan was almost forgotten. With this kidnapping, it¬†certainly brings back the war into our minds. As unnerving as these reports may be, it’s real. While I’m sitting on a cozy couch typing away on my laptop, an American soldier is kidnapped, probably tortured in God knows where. How can people be so evil and heartless? ¬†Violence breeds more violence doesn’t it?

This is where my child-like self comes in. Some times I wish superheroes do exist. They would be able to save this soldier in a heartbeat. A childish thought. And then there’s the angry self that quickly follows. I want to take these malicious Taliban, lock them in a room, and just beat them up, so that they can see and feel torture. And soon after that, my rational and peaceful side comes in. Torturing the Taliban wouldn’t solve anything. That’s more violence breeding even more violence. A circle of violence.

What the heck do we do with people who just don’t get it, who would rather solve their problems with kidnapping, torture, and violence? How did they grow up? What led them to a path of being brainwashed?

Is it religion? I hate religion–to be more specific, people who use religion to justify their hatred. I hate it when people use religion to justify a sense of superiority to others. I’m sorry, we all bleed red. We laugh, we cry. We’re human beings–we’re the same.

Writing and thinking about all the injustice in the world sometimes frustrates me. It makes me want to shake people and wake them up from their stupidity and hatred. But I guess, I too have to learn to love others, even those that don’t deserve it. I don’t know. What’s revealed in my identity? What does this say about others?

Photo Credit: China Daily News


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